How can I improve my UI?


Hello, I’ve been trying to improve my UIs but I don’t know how to do that, I wanted to make those high quality UIs too.

Some of my UIs


Well you see, I know how to use UI corners and gradient now but how can I improve more?


They look okay but there is room for improvement and it’s not your fault. Roblox’s engine for user interfaces is really limited. I suggest branching out to 3rd party software like Photoshop, Photopea or other IMP of your taste to make even cooler designs.

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Ok thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there! To try and improve your UIs you should either download some plugins, or use editing softwares. I recommend starting out with plugins! The one plugin I use the most is Interface Tools! Although there’s a lot more great plugins that you can use, this is probably the most useful UI plugin.

As for the second option, you should firstly check out the plugins, as it’s easier. It’s completely up to you, of course! The best free programs that I can recommend to you for now are Krita (I use it the most), Photopea, Pixlr X or Medibang!

You should also find some tutorials/inspiration - this can also help you out a lot. I hope I helped you anyhow, good luck!

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I think what you have is solid. At this point, “improvements” would just be down to personal style, since you have the fundamentals down. I’d suggest just finding your own unique style, everything else is good.

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I say use 3rd party software’s, as it will look more modern and simple. Here, it is looking a bit bland in my honest opinion.
You can use Adobe Photoshop if you would like!

I see no problem with your Ui but I will say things that I would have done on your Ui’s I guess.
This is what I think would be “better” in my opinion and this doesn’t mean you SHOULD do it exactly like this.

Hud Ui:
I think using icon can free some space and make it look “better”.
Here, I used Heart and Plus icon and heart fits better than plus.
The icon and bar color is matching. I don’t know what power in your game means but it could be a Muscle icon or something.

Schedule Ui:
The Close button is higher then the Schedule text. I also see a big gap which I gonna assume you gonna add more stuff on it.
I would use icons to show “Math”, “History” instead of text.

Using images makes things look less plain and “better” in my opinion.
I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I see no problem with the ui’s frame, but I would say fix the frame of the text frame, like for the 7:00 am. Science, you can make the frame a uiCorner, then you can decorate it to look modern. Also, here’s a nice suggestion. Make the schedule frame a bit shorter to make it look modern, sleek, and simple, with no exesive space just like @vRaphy said.

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I suggest using ui gradient for maybe health bars. As well as using tweenservice to help animate things a bit smoother or cartoonish. You can also use RichText to design a unique font.