How can I improve the accuracy of my hit-detection?

My game is about a man-eating Banana, called Banana Eats. There have been reports of Banana biting from too far away.

On the server, when a player touches Banana’s hitbox, Banana takes a bite. Due to hingeconstraints, Banana’s model is rendered locally for every client. It’s worth noting that a player is picked as Banana, and that it is not a bot.

As a solution, should I instead locally detect if the player is touching Banana’s hitbox, and if so, fire a signal to the server? Is there a better solution?

Are you using raycasting? Also I would highly recommend not to use touch detection with a local script, as exploiters could pass the function to all players. If your not using rays, check out this article.


I decided to play the game to try and understand the issue a bit more. Are you using HingeConstraints to make Banana bob around when it walks?

If so, I would suggest just creating a bobbing animation for Banana instead. After playing the game for a bit, my only thought was that using HingeConstraints, as well as rendering the banana locally, was causing the problem (I did get bitten by Banana at what felt like a premature distance). I can’t give an official diagnosis, though.

Also, why have I never seen this game, before? It’s like 2,000% legit. Good work :+1:.

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Have you tried making the hit-box smaller?

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