How can I improve the lighting on my progress of an Airport?


This is my Airport Project LTFM (Istanbul New Airport)

Feedback is appreciated though I would like to know how to edit and use lighting features to show distinctions between curves and make a generally inviting atmosphere.



Before I suggest I just want to say that is an incredible airport and I am astounded by the level of detail.

-There are many plugins which can help you edit lighting features such as this one here

-If you prefer not to use the Light Editor you could opt for F3X where you can switch between spotlights and the different lighting settings on there and you can utilise it to create shadows and choose where you want an emphasis on lighting.

-The atmosphere is a bit bright yes, so I do recommend using what I suggested above to make it more darker in places.


I’ll try and use this in due course and thank you so much for the help and feedback. I do love detail :smiley:

Thank you once again for the help and plugin

Oh you are an impressive builder. looks great :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: