How can I improve the new player experience in my simulator game?

I have been developing a fighting game in the genre of “simulator”. It’s been more than a year that I’ve been working on it and have recently released it.

However, it’s not doing as well as expected. Even after spending over about 100k on ads, it still has less than 12k visits and is no where ranked/recommended by Roblox.

I believe the gameplay is amazing and that there’s a lot of content to go through. It’s unique and creative type of simulator and not a copy paste of other games. However, many players seem to not get through the first world. While there are a few that play it for hours on end.

I’ve added instructions for new players, there are notifications guiding players as well. Fighting mobs feels great, it’s not just clicking but a combination of executing the right skills at the right time. The mobs also attack you back so there’s some challenge and it’s not as boring.

I am still unsure why the game is not performing well and would greatly appreciate any inputs you guys may have on improving the game so it can get a higher player base. Thanks in advance.


The market is oversaturated with Simulators, that might be why it hasn’t been recommended
Fighter Simulator is a very generic name, it probably been chosen 1937^1828 times

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There aren’t any games specifically called “Fighter Simulator”. We were going to go for warrior simulator but that is already taken. Any suggestions on what the name should be instead?

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Sorry for the late reply, I still haven’t your Game, bu the name seems not thought of, try coming up with something like: