How can I Improve This Flashlight?

Hello again! :wave: I recently have been working on a flashlight for a game of mine. I though it would be nice to get some feedback on it so I can improve it and make it better.
Below is a video of the flashlight.

I created it by placing a block in the players head, and then adding a spotlight. I then welded the part to the players head. When the player moves, you can see the flashlight moves up and down with the play, which is kind of cool I guess. When the player looks around when idle, the flashlight also moves with the head, which gives the effect of the player looking around with the flashlight. I think itโ€™s pretty unique, but I want to make it more realistic and overall better. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
Thanks for the suggestions and have a great day! :grin:


I prefer to use SurfaceLights for this kind of thing. Hereโ€™s a comparison.


SurfaceLights are a bit brighter, depending on how bright you want your game to look, but I can see the use of SpotLights being necessary.

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make an effect like this

you simply place a cylinder with a hole infront of the spotlight so it makes this effect
Keep in mind using surface light with this will make it look worse

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