How can I improve this Store [New To Building]

Hey Guys I was wondering on how I can improve this store of mines I’m kinda new to building and I wanna get better at it since building is my weakness in roblox developing
If you just going to say nice things about this build of mines don’t bother responding I need some strong criticism and tons of feedback because I wanna be an extremely good builder


I am not an amazing builder myself, but here is some feedback that I would suggest:


I don’t know what style you’re going for, or if its just a general store style, so some of this criticism might not go with the building style that you’re going for.
1: The shape should be changed, I would recommend adding more things instead of the walls just being a square. Try adding a backroom, janitors closet/ break room?
2: The windows are kinda high, and big, try moving it down a touch and adding more detail, such as a window frames, and sizing it down depending on the building style you’re going for.
3: The door could be changed. Add detail, make it a little less wide and a little more tall and, depending on how you want your store to look, change the door to a different material.
4: Most store will have the name of the store above the door or somewhere around it, the sign will add detail to the blank space above the door.
5: Depending on the type of store, such as fashion stores, will have a display on the inside of the windows to show customers what is inside. If you’re going for more of a fashion shop, then add those or something like it!
6: The “roof” is just the ceiling of the shop. If you want the roof to stay flat, add detail to it.
If not, add a sloped or gable roof to begin with and see if you like how it looks on the shop!
7: Finally, add texture to stuff if you’re going for a more realistic style, such as bricks, wood or concrete. If you’re going for a more low-poly look then don’t follow this point.

I didn’t include interior criticism because I don’t know what the store is/what will be supplied. Also I wasn’t sure weather or not you wanted criticism there.

Even though I said a lot of criticism, Its still really good! I can’t wait to see what you make next and see how much you improve! :smile:

Add more details like posters, and this is kind of straight (rectangular). There is too much space left on the ground. You should add stuffs there. And the window looks too basic. You could add more colors to attract people. And maybe lights or make the lighting a bit brighter cause it feels dark. And the walls should consist more details too.

I think the most important thing to use when building/ 3d modelling is reference. Even if you are going for a stylised artstyle, you can easily tell everything does take some sort of inspiration from reality. Using real-life images is key to make a nice-looking build. For example, the door is a bit too wide compared to how wide a robloxian is, so you can look at images of stores, and adapt the scale to a robloxian’s width.

If you want a good software to have reference images while building, I highly recommend PureRef.
Have a nice day, and I hope you improve at building!