How can I improve UI?

So I am currently working on a game, and I found out that I need to work on my UI. I’m not the best with UI, so if any of you have tips please share them.

Some more info? Do you want a certain way to improve your UI? What way and how?

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The way the ui looks, like if you have a certain genre

You can look for tutorials online, Download Adobe Photoshop (It costs money though) or use free painting apps and find tutorials.

It would help if you were a bit more descriptive about what you want. Like, what type of game are you making? What style are you going for? ect.

I can’t really help until you give a better idea of what you want here.

I would love to help, although like everyone else said, we need more information! Please show us what you’ve made so far and we can help you make it better!

Looking up youtube tutorials, find cool UIs on the internet, and try to learn from them.