How can i improve?

It’s a slide game, in this part you fall in this hole and you die, how can i decorate? what should i put?

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You could put a part gui that says “oof” on the kill brick. You can also add a gradient in the hole so that it changes color as you fall.

You can pretty much just add anything, I would go for a skull or a message at the end of the hole.

The build itself is obviously not much. Normally slide games have a color changer when falling down perhaps try implementing that and switching the ideas up so it doesn’t become repetitive, you could add sharp parts inside the hole so players can die by something.

You don’t really need some in decorations as it isn’t required in sliding games have you consider adding a way players will die when entering the hole? I feel like it’s find already, you could possibly add some sort of decorations in the hole such as using different color pallet differently when going further down. The switched up red colors seems like a good decoration, the hole doesn’t need much I would head for something more worth adding in it.

Otherwise if your losing ideas you could always view existing games and make yours stand out fork others.