How can I keep up?

So I’m pretty new to building for games. I am currently a CAD student in college so I’ve designed some real life objects and buildings. So I’m not entirely new to design. But I just got hired as one of the builders for a dev team with just about a week or so experience in studio and blender.

The problem: I’m slow. I’m not sure how to set a good work flow to keep up. The dev team is nice and understanding but I don’t want to be a waste of time. They teach some but mostly I’m learning on my own and what I can do in 2 hours they can do in a half or in one. I watch tutorials. And read the forum daily but feel like I will fall behind. Anyway I can keep myself valuable as I get up to speed?


First of all, be honest with your team. If you can’t do the job it will be less harmful if you tell them so.

A schedule is an extremely useful tool that have been helping me since ages ago. It is now bad to have a good organization.

Fortunately they are very lax. And let me go at my own pace as long as I make progress. I just want to stay a contributing member and not become obsolete because some other developer that comes along can do their work plus my own. So I guess I kinda want to speed train myself up to par. Though my boss has said not to stress myself, I take this seriously as a job.

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Yeah just be honest and put ina decent amount of practice into the applications your using. I find you only need to master a few different elements at first to create a game, and from there you can grow a lot faster. Roblox is a very simple platform to create on, especially after experience with cad.

Yes that has been to my advantage since with learning blender and studio simultaneously because they are relatively simple compared to cad.

You’ve completed one of the stages, however it would be needed later on as you get used to Roblox Studio, and learn how it works. Once you get used to placing parts together, along with wedges, etc, I am sure you’ll do great. CAD, i’m guessing will help you with creativity, and know what to add, where to add furniture, how your structure/object is gonna look, etc. This is just my guess.

Everything on studio will be more familiar to you, which I’d say will make you faster at building. I’d recommend you to get familiar with studio first, start practicing building things such as tables and chairs. Use images and recreate your own if you have to. Build you way up to things you think is a challenge to build. Good luck!

CAD helps with placement and sizes etc. The creativity is a little harder since I’m used to exact measurements and distances. I can place an asset given how many studs away from origin or certain objects. That’s easy. Making something look realistic with no measurements or scale or having to make my own scale is difficult. Studio has nothing on Autocad in terms of object placement. Blender is like autocads little creative little cousin. It’s more artsy. I can master the programs but mastering the building part is the challenge.

I’d recommend recreating things via images, and walls too. Practice making each part of a structure, a home, a facility, anything you can think of. From making walls, roofs, furniture, etc. It’s difficult for me to give a good explanation to you, but basically do your best to build everything. When I mean everything, I mean everything. Of course, you could use tutorials on how to get better at building. Using textures will help with realism, however the most common mistakes new builders do is using one single material too much, using textures too much, and forgetting to anchor. Same goes with lighting, etc. Don’t go too crazy of course.

I have no idea if this helps, hopefully this helps you.

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Your dedication to wanting to learn sounds admirable in an area you are new to. Your value will come with completing and staying with a project or build to it’s completion. It is not always the speed with which we create things, although most devs might prefer us to be fast, it is the belief in their project and the always wanting to help the team make it better and better. I have built whole games and sometimes made just small items that have went into a game and I get the same feeling of accomplishment and contribution to a game doing either. Enjoy the journey.

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