How can I link my forum in my game without getting it deleted?


For an upcoming game, I made a forum for it, and I want it in my game’s desc.

The only issue is the rules are slightly different than what’s allowed on Roblox, mainly that we allow light cursing.
(covered the bad parts so it doesnt get wiped from the forum instantly)
We threaten to suspend and IP ban under this rule, but it’s still a slight issue.
It also counts as an off site link, and there isn’t a policy API I can use for it.

If anybody has suggestions, it would be nice.

EDIT: We just made it so cursing is held for review, so a mod has to make sure it’s being used in the right context.

I think it’s count as off-rblx link.


Yeah, I said that in the topic

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If anybody has an answer it would be appreciated.

Unfortunately there’s no way you can link it in game. Every single time it’s going to get taken down unless it’s a verified Roblox link.

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