How can I maintain my free models when I can't share audio?

I am the developer of Ro-Scale, a widely popular train system on Roblox since 2019. The changes to sound permissions has ruined what was once a simple but nice sound system included with the models.

I’ve created new sounds shorter than 6 seconds to replace the old ones, since that’s what I remember the threshold being for sharing sounds, but when I had a friend test it he couldn’t use the sound.

How can I share freely the sounds I worked hard to make so that I can keep the high standards of official Ro-Scale models and not like they’re something from 2010 before sounds existed?

Simply make your audios public… Once Roblox decides to release it :grinning:

My only other option is to distribute the source file so they can upload it themselves. Is that really the short-term solution?

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Just like animations, publish the models with the audio instances, and supply people the original sound files in a devforum resource post, so they can publish their own audios and replace the IDs

Perhaps Metrotren had the right idea in 2009 when he started taking assorted gear sounds and scripting them to sound like other sounds. A return to Old Roblox? I’m quite displeased.

At the moment it’s not possible to share audio/cannot allow anyone to use the audio however of I am not mistaken you hopefully in the future can make audios public. Unsure when though.