How can I make a cannon system in my game

Hi, I’m a new developer, and I’m pretty bad at scripting, but that’s why I’m here. I’m making a PVP pirate ship fighting game, and I want to make it so whoever is driving the ship can switch between all the cannons with their camera and be able to aim and fire the one they are on.

I have no idea how to make something like that right now, except maybe the cameras, so help would be greatly appreciated!

I searched for tutorials or posts on this type of thing, but couldn’t find anything helpful. If you have a tutorial or guide on how to do this, please give me the link.

If I were you I would try tweaking some of the PaintballShooter stuff that Roblox has made.

You should probably do like a brickbattle time bomb gear thing, plus the mechanics of the Superball brickbattle gear, in order to propel the time bomb and destroy your enemies

If you really need help, I could possibly help you

Ok thanks! I’ll start experimenting with that