How can I make a Combat System? Help

So I want to make a Combat System with Chain Combos but I don’t know where to start. I’ve started scripting not even a month ago and I still am on the basics so i can’t find an idea to start, I’ve watched videos about combat systems but none of them teaches about adding chain combos or knockback when hit. I would like to know what advanced scripters think where should i start.

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I don’t think to do this if you are at the basics, I made 4 years of Lua and for me it is still very hard to do what you want.


You say you’ve only been scripting for a month or less, so in my opinion you should first learn and investigate about:

  • Playing animations, animation events
  • Hit detection methods
  • BodyMovers

And more general things like client-server programming. Once you get more familiar with these topics, you should start to have some ideas about how to approach more advanced combat like combos or knockback.


Just a recommendation, in hit detection methods, take a look at the RayCast Hitbox Module by SwordPhin.

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