How can I make a GUI that counts how many players are in each team?

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I don’t want the normal leaderboard so I want to make a GUI that only shows a number of how many people are in that team.
For example a gui that is a red box that shows of how many players are in the red team, and the same thing for the other team, for example blue.



You can use GetPlayers() to get all the players (or the amount) of each team.

For e.g:


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You can use the events Team.PlayerAdding and Team.PlayerRemoving to do it.

What’s the diffrence between the GetPlayers() and the Team.PlayerAdding ?
Both counts when player joins and leaves the team, isn’t it ?

True. Both would work. However, in my opinion, it’s better to use GetPlayers(), since that would be more efficient. But it’s up to you.


You have to use :GetPlayers to see the current number of players, but if you want to be notified when a new player gets added or removed so u can change the number of players accordingly, you would use the one said above, which are events. Also in ur case you would use the events.


As @Mystxry12 has said, if you want to get the amount of players in each team,you’d have to use GetPlayers().

If you’d want to notify the server/players when someone joins/leaves,use PlayerAdded / PlayerRemoving.

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