How can I make a mesh spawn in cloudy shapes?

How can I make a part spawn in cloud shapes randomly across the map? For example, you would have 2 Values…

Cover = 5
Density = 3

Cover would control how much of the sky they cover (Like the clouds API) and as for density, it controlls how thick the clouds are (Again ,like the Clouds API) How can I script this? Keep in mind, each cloud wont consist of just 1 part, each cloud will consist of a ton of parts.

Here’s a cloud with 7 transparent meshes in it to make it look like a cloud.

I handle it by creating an invisible part in the workspace where I want items to appear, then get a random Pos within that area:

local Region = workspace.Region  --the part defines region to spawn Drops
xS = Region.Size.X/2
yS = Region.Size.Y/2
zS = Region.Size.Z/2
local x = Region.Position.X
local y = Region.Position.Y
local z = Region.Position.Z
local posX = math.random(x-xS, x+xS)
local posY = math.random(y-yS, y+yS)
local posZ = math.random(z-zS, z+zS)
Part.Position =, posY, posZ)