How can i make a part do a 'reflection' effect with Raycasting?

I’m quite nooby at Raycasting, but I want to reflect a part off the wall kinda like a mirror once it hits it with Raycasting, Can anyone give me some pointers?

The raycasting wiki is always a great place to start. I don’t know too much about raycasting myself but I think this would have to be some kind of camera manipulation in a way.

Try EgoMoose’s place:

Lazy reply but this property determines the strength at which a ‘BasePart’ will reflect the skybox.

Can you possibly make this reflect accessories/the baseplate as well?

I’m pretty sure EgoMoose made the place available to copy.
I haven’t even looked at the scripting for it, but I think it has a whitelist type of thing of the Parts it reflects. The issue may be if you’ve got a huge number of Parts it would have to copy and reflect them all which could cause lag.

Yes, the game is uncopylocked. But @1BL1ZZARD, the game’s reflection is pretty cool but it makes the character look like this:

Not sure If that is what you want