How can I make a player be flung/pushed diagonally (Shockwave Effect)

I have been thinking of a way to push/fling a player diagonally in such a manner that it looks like a shockwave hit him, I was thinking lerping the CFrame but I’m not really sure how I should do that. Also, another idea I had was to mess with bodyvelocity.BodyForce and the P property.

If anyone has an idea or just a simple example to show I’d be glad to hear it!

I’m not sure what you mean by diagonally, but I assume you just want them to be pushed away from you when they are around you. You can cast a ray from your character’s HumanoidRootPart and your targets’, see if they are within range, and then you can insert a BodyVelcoity into the target, and set the velocity to

(yourHumanoidRootPart - targetRootPart).unit * x

You can have x equal any number depending on how far you want them to go. The part in parenthesis is the direction they’ll get knockbacked, so that’s important. Just play around.

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Thanks, I already have this integrated in a function to check for range, I just needed to know how to push them diagonally, by that I mean image, then of course, they would have to fall back.