How can I make a sphere also be visualized from inside?

I don’t see options for flipping normal’s around or adding 2-sided material.


It a pretty simple solution, although you would need to render double the faces.

To make it visible from ONLY the inside, you go to blender, select your mesh, then reverse the faces, make sure to turn on face orientation in edit mode:

Press a to select all verts:
Click on mesh:



Now it’s only visible from the inside:

If you want it to be visible from both the inside and the outside, you can select your mesh after doing all of these steps:
Go to object mode and go to the modifiers tab:

Then select add modifier:

Then select solidify:

Click apply:
Now it will be visible from the inside AND the outside

If you want to do this with a sphere then simply just use a sphere instead:
Go to object mode, add > mesh > Icosphere

Once you have all this done export it to Roblox and you should be able to use it in studio.

There is no way to do it, but you can union a bigger sphere with a smaller sphere, but it will have janky collisions and it cant really be resized properly.


OK it clear how to do it with imported mesh. The question was more how to do it with built it Part “Sphere” (type ball).


OK. Thank you for the input. Pity that it can’t be done with build in Sphere. Imported Meshe’s also tend to have absurd collisions.


A really old trick is to take meshid
and make the scale negative numbers. A bunch of old “skybox” models used this method.

I know it works with normal parts with a SpecialMesh inside, idk about MeshParts. And the only way I know to do it with a normal sphere without a mesh is unioning it, which isn’t ideal

Edit: just realized the mesh is an egg lol. i’m sure there are more sperical meshes that work the same way though


And the only way I know to do it with a normal sphere without a mesh is unioning it, which isn’t ideal

I don’t understand the trick with Unioning. Could you give a small tutorial?

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I was referring to putting a smaller sphere inside a larger one, negating it, and then unioning them together. I do know that it creates extra vertices though which could cause noticeable lag at a large scale

IDK if this is what you’re looking for though



OK. Thanks. It worked. Collisions are a bit off inside, but that can be fixed with a non-rendered collision sphere. Extra vertices is not cool for me, as I intend to generate lots of these.

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Granted that IDK much about the CSG/Union stuff so the amount of lag may vary. Most of what I see about “unions generate lag” is regarding massive unions made from tons of parts. That doesn’t mean that two spheres together won’t cause a performance hit though, even if it’s a minor one


Did some tests. Plain Sphere is 430 tris, when 2 are unioned in such way, the result is 1700 tris :/, where ideally it should just 2x.

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Yeah lol that’s unioning for ya

Unfortunately I don’t know a way around this other than just going into blender and simplifying the mesh. Honestly I hate telling people “use blender” because I don’t really like using it for Roblox myself