How can i make all parts in a folder the same CFrame as all other parts in another folder once

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I want to make all parts in a folder the same CFrame as all other parts in another folder once

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in the first folder, parts get added from replicated storage in a random amount when the round starts

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I made a value called CanSpawnPart that is first true until a part gets the same CFrame as another part

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-- This is an example Lua code block

local SpawnPlaceFolder = game.Workspace.SpawnPlaceFolder:GetDescendants()

local MoveToolToDestination = game.ReplicatedStorage.ReplicatedPartFolder:FindFirstChild("Tool")

local Tools = game.Workspace.WorkspacePartFolder

	if descendant.Name == "Tool" then
		descendant.Parent = SpawnPlaceFolder.Part
		descendant.BrickColor ="Really red")

MoveToolToDestination.Parent = Tools

I made some code for things to see if it works,
I’m going to edit that later,

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