How can I make contact between my bot and my Roblox server?

I am trying to make a Verification system so, I was wondering how can I make contact between my bot and Roblox server!
Please if you’re experienced LMK!

I heard about ‘Polling’ but how does it works? Can I get some help please.

What methods you know to do this?

You can actually try to use noblox.js-server to make a contact between your bot and your ROBLOX server.

But, that’s noblox, for group services, I mean more, but not what I’m looking for to contact to my bot. from Roblox server

This question has been asked a few times and I do agree that the answers are vague so I’ll try to elaborate a bit.

Polling is pinging a website with an HTTP request to receive data back by using an Http:GetAsync request. You would have your discord bot send information to a website that then stores that information, holds it for a set amount of time, and then discards that information after the time established has elapsed - your GetAsync request being sent to this website.

There are a number of ways to go about doing this, however in terms of free methods, I find using Trello for http polling (albeit not the intention of Trello) works well enough for me. I have a list set up that holds cards with data from my discord bot, which then waits 10 seconds for all of my active servers to be able to read it, then deleting the card.

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Can you roblox-side delete card?
And I’m quite new to JavaScript, how do I send a HTTP request?

Yes, Trello has an API for deleting cards which can be done through ROBLOX, you can also create cards, create lists, and delete lists all through ROBLOX.

As-for JS HTTP Requests, here’s an article that lists several ways to do so.

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