How can I make contact with my bot, to my Roblox game?

I basically, Already have a 100% working bot on discord, but, I want to make contact on Roblox, for example

when I say !kick on discord
!gamekick (username)
it kicks on game a player,
I was wondering

How can I make contact from my BOT to my Roblox game?

Do I use https service?
I mean, on LuaU side yes, but in my bot side how should I make it?

You could try, as I would do, is to have your bot update some code or text on a website, maybe like pastebin, and every minute, the server would check the API to see if that text exists. If it does, it would remove the player from game if that player is found.

First of all it’s Luau not LuaU.

You can try sending requests to a remote server for bans and stuff, and when the server exists (i.e just a server-script placed ideally in SSS), retrieve data from there to get the ban-list.

But you can’t guarantee a server to be active at a point, it’ll be impossible for it to retrieve data then.

Yeah, that makes sense about pastebin, but how would I make contact with pastebin from my code?
is there a https on js?

but, wdym a remote server?
could you explain a bit more please

Here are the pastebin docs. You can see how to send a paste request to a certain file. From there, you could do a “get” request on your game’s server with HttpService, parse the text your bot put on the pastebin, and then take actions in game.

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