How can I make gun recoil like in this game?

I saw this game and they made a gun like exactly what I wanted.

Owner’s messages are closed also he doesn’t have any contact methods so I wanted to ask here, how can I make the recoil in crosshair and gun recoil like in that game? What shall I use?


I believe Roblox has a gun kit on the developer hub. You can find it here.

It looks good, I’ll definitely check it out.

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try to change the camera’s CFrame

Well, I want to make it from gun, I mean I want gun to recoil, not camera.

you can either make an animation or change the gun’s cframe
i recommend an animation though

I saw some games are using Motor6D’s for it, what about this method?

an animation is what animates motor6ds, so thats probably what your referring to

Got it, thanks. I’ll use animations.

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