How can I make it so someone can eject from a plane with a gui button?

I am just looking for some ideas. I am thinking of using a gui that will appear once the player is sitting in the plane. I already have a speed gui in place, so I could just put that together. However, I’m not sure if startergui localscripts can affect a seat. What I mean is, I am thinking of something like a weld between the seat and the body of the plane that gets deleted or something similar.

Try moving the character to some position, if ypu are on the plane, then it moves you out. If you need help with scripting, reply me.

Assuming you know how to make a GUI button fire the server, and you are using a Roblox “Seat” part, to get a player out of a seat you remove the weld inside the seat called “SeatWeld”. You can read more about it here: Seat | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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I’m looking to disconnect the entire seat, not just the player, but thank you!

Ah, then yes welding the seat to the plane then removing that weld when you want to eject would be your best bet. It’s really a similar process to removing the SeatWeld. Maybe add a BodyForce or BodyVelocity to make it really go flying.

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