How can I make it so the board is moving and I'm not?

I just finished making my Snowboard move and I welded myself to the board so I can ride the board but instead, the board quits moving and now suddenly I’m in control. How could I fix this?



local ProximityPromptService = game:GetService("ProximityPromptService")
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local MovementControl = game.Workspace.DevSnowboard.MovementControl
local DevBoardRoot = game.Workspace.DevSnowboard.DevSnowboard

local function onPromptTriggered(promptObject, player)
	MovementControl.Transparency = 0
	if promptObject.Name == "DevSnowboard" then
		print(player.Name.. " mounted Dev board")
		local character = player.Character
		if character then -- double check that the character exists
			local RightFoot = character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
			local weld ="Weld")
			weld.Part0 = RightFoot
			weld.Part1 = DevBoardRoot
			weld.Parent = script.Parent.Parent

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You should use BodyForces to make the snowboard move, not just welding it.

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In the video It showed the board moving with forces, but I want to be able to ride the board and the only way I could think of being able to ride it is by welding myself to it. Since I can’t do that what should I do?

What I meant by force is, you’re moving your character and the board moves as well. It doesn’t mean it can automatically move itself.

Yea I’m working on that because I just got the board to be able to move

What do you mean by able to move? I meant that the moment you move your character on the snowboard, the snowboard will follow the physics of your character.

So far I’ve made the board move with user input service and used a remote event that activates BodyThrusts

I think you just answered your question.

It just moves with what keys I press I’m still not able to ride it

That’s up to your scripting knowledge to do it.

make a seat and make the player do animation if the player is sitting on that seat its that easy