How can I make my game more appealing to players?

I want to make my game idea and loop more appealing to players. The basic gameplay is a mix between gmod and boneworks. You randomly spawn with a weapon, if you want a different one you can go to one of the weapon spawns, you can also drive vehicles, summon objects or weapons with a tool gun (costs robux) and you test the weapons on dummies. I want my game to be more appealing to a multiplayer audience since right now its basically a single player sandbox. Im thinking of adding things like a downed and carry system, emotes, a meat grinder (you can grind up your enemies into a hamburger), and thought of giving players rewards if they kill people. I feel like its lacking something though!


try to make a tutorial and make your game more add more cool effects try to make something that no one have done yet make a level system if ur level is more than 5 then you get something and you have some money adding shop will make it also good


You need to find a good balance between something players know from other games and unique features. If everything is similar to a different game then they’ll probably play the other game they already know, and if everything is new and unique, players are more likely to get confused and leave. So make sure to get that balance right.
Of course you can also make the game more appealing by adding nice effects, a good sound design and having a pretty UI. But by far the most important thing is to listen to your players, take their suggestions into consideration and gain as much feedback as possible from people who want to play the game.