How can I make scripts in StarterCharacterScripts/StarterPlayerScripts from being deleted upon resetting your character?

I have a bunch of different scripts that I really like, however every single time I reset my character, the scripts go away (they are not in my startercharacter).
I know this isn’t a script problem, but I really want to know why this is happening.
In my game I use a custom startercharacter (startercharacter model is placed into starterplayer)
I’ve tried relocating the scripts to startergui, replicated storage and lighting but some script weren’t able to carry over correctly.

I currently can’t provide the scripts as I am on mobile, but if asked i can try to find an example I have

Sorry for any formatting issues or whether or not this is the correct topic

You can use (Player | Roblox Creator Documentation) and (Instance | Roblox Creator Documentation) with a Server Sided script to Have the scripts already in ServerStorage and to just clone and parent them to the desired player.

Recommending that you would already have it in the Server Storage instead of moving it every time they die.

But isn’t server storage for storing, not natively running scripts? Then how am I supposed to avoid moving localscripts back and forth?