How can i make Skybox changing system?

I really need this because ı am working on a desert biome right now and ı finished the terrain but ı have to make something and its about of skybox changing when players in the desert biome (With a invisible part)


For the Custom SkyBox you can do : Custom Skyboxes

To determine which players are in the Desert biome , you can use Region3. You can create an region3 for the Entire Desert Biome and use the function FindPartsinRegion3 and check if the player’s character(it would be the parts of character) is in the Region , if yes change the Skybox for them.

Do this for the client(local script) so it applies to the player who is in the Region3 and not for the server


Thats too sensible. Can you write the code please

I am against spoon feeding so I would ask you to figure it out yourself , I have given a clear explanation on what to do

For reference use :
Custom Skyboxes

If you try and still have no Idea , I can give more help.

I have a question that ı saw right now?
More Density makes games more realastic or more unrealastic?

Uh idk about that , can you explain what you mean by “density” here?

In the Explorer:Lightning:Atmosphere

Uh idk , Im a scripter so I have no idea about those stuffs.

Wait which one is more realastic?

Thats Density effect

Thats not Density effect

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The first once looks much better and realistic to me .


Yes same , ı agree with that .