How can I make someone walk to a certain point?

So, I want to make a player have to walk somewhere. I used :MoveTo() on the player’s humanoid, but the player can break out of it whenever he/she wants, meaning the player can decide to walk to the left, and he will stop moving to that point. I’m looking for a way to make the player walk to a certain point, without being able to break out of it.


You can always disable the keys in the control module while this happens, and re enable when they have finished.


You can disable a module script?

No. The PlayerModule exposes a method for getting the controls module which in turn exposes a disable method. This disable method doesn’t disable the ModuleScript, it just triggers a condition that tells the script not to do anything when normal control inputs are passed.


Hey, sorry a while past. Can I have the name of the method that gets the controls?

An alternative would be just to make an NPC clone of the player, store the player somewhere else, and place the player into the NPC model when the walking is finished.