How can I make text that you can see from any direction?

Hello, fellow developers. I am trying to make text above a featured car in my game.

Screenshot 2022-04-13 090119

The selected part is where the text would go. The car is featured as an upcoming item, and it spins while slowly moving up and down. I need text to show that it is featured. However, I would like the player to be able to see the text from any direction. It I just slapped a SurfaceGUI on it, the player would not be able to see it, from say, the side. I need it to be like the player in BEAR. Other players can see it like it was right in front of them, but they are all in different directions.


Other players would always see BEAR like this, no matter their direction. Any help?

SpeakerDev and Team

This is called a billboard GUI. Happy developing! :grin: