How can I make textures for meshes?

So currently I’m looking to try to make textures for meshes in my game. Problem is, I have no idea how textures work (Like what parts of the texture goes where on the model), and how to make them. So that’s my question, could anyone tell me how to make textures?

And for context, I’m trying to make things in my game meshes for less lag on mobile devices, and have been only “meshing” models that all the parts in them have the same color and texture, since on the meshpart I can just change the color and texture to what the model’s was. But obviously with models with different colors (and textures if thats possible?) you would need custom textures for, which I don’t know how to do.

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Do some research into UV unwrapping and texture painting. Every 3D software has their own guides and methods, and those two things are what’s involved when texturing meshes.

If you’re using Blender, there’s a whole wealth of knowledge you can read up on that’ll be much better than anything we can explain here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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