How can i make these animation more cool?

Animation link:

What i can improve in these vids!? i am learning to be an animator…

To be honest, I don’t see any animations here.
The only thing you did was take screenshots from Roblox, transition them then put text.

Another thing is the quality, the videos themselves are good enough but the screenshots are not, I would recommend turning your graphics to the max while screenshotting.

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Try adding better camera movement

Or facial animations

And animated people

All of these videos may contain swearing


Are you using stop motion to do this? Please look into animation editor because there’s no real animation like @FilmPuppy said and it looks all screenshots with text to me.

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Its true, all you did was changing camera perspectives, and they weren’t that much animations, like hand gestures and etc

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Soo, firstly there are no animations in both of your videos, it just an NPC standing still.
Secondly, I would recommend you to learn 12 rules of animation, talks about 2D and 3D animation as well. You also need to think which type of joint you want to use, R6, R15, or other complex rigs. Personally I prefer R15 since it has more joints, can create more realistic movement, but it’s up to you.

  • R6 if you want to do something basic, it has less joint, unrealistic movement, fast
  • R15 if you a visual learner (like me), realistic pose, more joint, take some times
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