How can I make this better?

I’m working on making a Leaderboard like in Deathrun. And I was wondering how I could make this better, like what details should I add, or what should I change?

It will be really helpful to see what I could do to make it better from you guys.

Thanks! :smile:


The design looks good and simple. I don’t really know what you could add because if I were playing this game simple would make more sense. It reduces the amount of parts in game. I do see some materials not lining up when connected so maybe union that wood frame. Depending on your game style change it to how you feel it would match your gameplay the most.


Hi StompyDonut426,

I got some ideas for ya.

First, take out the woodplank background, and instead create individual planks with a .1 stud seperation. Each plank should have its own name or title for the leaderboard.

Second, the base is wood so i think that having the supports follow a similar theme would be beneficial.


Hiya, so it may help us to better understand what to add if we knew what type of game you were making, or if we could have some screenshots of other progress in the game like @SturdyStubs said about the style. Overall, it looks really good but it’d help if we knew that.

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I’d say that with something as simple as the build for a leaderboard, you can’t really go wrong. Think about the game you are trying to make, and see if that fits in with the build style.

Overall, it looks pretty good. Small details such as the ribbons on the sides of the leaderboards on Deathrun do give them a special touch, so if you could incoorporate some kind of design from your game into the leaderboard, it would help make it fit seamlessly with the rest of the game.

One issue I could see is the lines from the wooden planks getting in the way of the text, depending on how small the font is. Other than that I’d say it looks pretty good.

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Ok. Thanks for the feedback. :+1:

Thanks for the feedback. I will try that.

I haven’t yet decided what type of game. Except a game with rounds, with wins and etc. And thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, I will try those things.

It’s pretty simple you don’t need a detailed one,
however you can use some textures if you wish to take a step further.

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You can possibly make it bigger, and you could add lights around it.
Overall it’s simple, and it’s perfect for your future game.

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Possibly having a brick on-top that says LEADERBOARDS, or having some fun particles coming out of the leaderboard. Both help to attract attention to the leaderboard, and can make it look more aesthetically appealing.


You could make the board a bit bigger from the sides. Try using wooden texture as the stand/support, it’d look nice! Although it’s nice and simple looking!

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You could add some extra detail depending on the game’s theme. From your avatar to an easter egg or a rope attached to a building/tree.

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