How can I make this game more social?

So I have a game where you run around the map to collect stuff and unlock new areas, and I think it’s doing pretty well. The thing is though, I’m not sure if it’s good in the social aspect. I made a sign in the game that allows players to invite their friends, and I added a leaderboard for the players who collect the most things (which is effective, one or two people spent an hour just grinding to get #1), and I even put myself on the leaderboard, and made a message on the leaderboard challenging other players to get better than me. But how can I make this game spread across more players?

This is the game:

If you click that link above and play the game, I’d really appreciate it if you answer these questions once you’re at a good stopping point:

  • Do you want to keep playing so you could get on top of the leaderboard?
  • Would you invite your friends to the game? If not, what could I do to persuade you to invite them?
  • Would you talk about this game when having a conversation with a friend or someone else? If not, what can I do for you to talk about it?

Thanks! :smiley:


Honestly, the game itself is pretty boring as of right now. If you added some more features to the game i’m sure it would attract more players.
You could add something like, racing, a walkmachine to improve the walkspeed of the dog, make different dog models etc.

Yes, the thing is, players are interested if they like the game theme