How can I make this goofy tower look better?

as you can see I need advice

@Crazedbrick1 @Dev_JayR


Most importantly, move this to #help-and-feedback:building-support

I think you should add more bricks to the sides and add something to the top
Other than that, great job!

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Try messing around with the materials a bit more, besides that, I only have a few suggestions.

  • Some bricks stick out of the wood lining at the bottom
  • Some of the top bricks aren’t aligned properly
  • Try using wood for the frame (if it looks bad make it like taupe colored or something since it seems like you are going for a gray theme)
  1. Thicken the horizontal wood beams and align them to the vertical ones.

  2. Add a window frame and make the neon dimmer.

  3. Make the bricks thicker on the y-axis, make them less frequent, and add a very slight color variation to them while looking close to the wall color with this plugin.

  4. Use this plugin to correctly orient the wood grain.

  5. Go back to the top parts and align them correctly to the building.


what do you mean by

and oh I was already using the autoshade plugin but maybe ill just click it once

The contrast between the bricks is extremely huge. I’d try making all of the bricks that stick out have darker colors so they match the wall color better instead of having some bricks be light gray and almost white.

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after taking advice from everybody and adding a bit of my own ideas I got this

thanks a lot its like ten times better

everyone helped a lot


Yeah it looks significantly better than before!


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