How can I make this Juice Bar better?

Hey, so I started this build for my Juice Bar and don’t get me wrong I love the map but something about it feels off to me. I feel like it needs a bit more to it, something to give it some pizazz.

I’d love to hear some suggestions on what could make it look more appealing, less boring, anything really.






Why are the trees deformed?

I think you have to click on the image haha.

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Deformed? They are Low-poly…?

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You might want to ease the ColorCorrectionEffect, perhaps make the color lighter so it can look more bright outside. That’s all I can think of :+1:


Why are they bent over like that


The game looks amazing and there is not much I could find that would need to be improved. Although I have found two things that I think could be improved.

First off, some of the palm trees are at a very unnatural angle. It was very distracting to see the Palm Tree that was going inverted.

The Second thing I noticed was the volcano, is it erupting? the lava looks weird, the lava seems to be pilling up.

Other than that it is an amazing game, the low poly feel adds a great feel. Are there any in-game perks for players to unlock or purchase? This would make the game more appealing and have a constant player base.


Love it. In addition to the suggestions above, which I all agree with, maybe you could play around with the properties of the water. I feel like it’s appearance currently is leaning away from the low poly style.

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Do you mind showing more then one image of the building but an variety of angles. The image you provided is not really giving much information on what your looking for feedback on, but it would help to see different angles of the map and building itself and not a single image?

In terms of the map it looks good however I would play around with the colors a bit more, since the colors look a little uneven I recommend decreasing the amount of trees since they look a little repetitive. However, looks like it could be improved a bit more. Throw different vegetation even different palm trees to match the design your going for it’ll improve the build and set a decent atmosphere.

You could try experimenting with variety of tree selections placed in areas of the terrain, I would decrease the repetition. I would try to provide us with images of the interior rather than the exterior “if you’re looking for feedback just on the exterior”?. : slight_smile:

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Thanks! I am only looking for feedback on the exterior and that’s exactly what I needed to hear, I will definitely be working on the exterior now.

Maybe add a little bit more scenary, such as more hills towards the backround?

I also feel like Neon has been a tad overused, but thats my opinion.

Although, I really do like your piece of work here. Keep up the work!

I feel like adjusting your lighting will really make it pop more. It looks kind of dim right now! So making it a bit more on the vibrant side I think could make it look a tad more inviting.

First off that tree looks like the hunchback of notre dame, second, the volcano needs lava flowing down from it, there should be a dock with a boat (Or boats) also if your going for something like tropical which I presume you are, add bananas or coconuts to the trees, I don’t understand the yellow leaves. Is it fall there? Add pebbles or little stepping stones to the juice bar, could we get pictures of the inside? Also why so little pictures? Hard to give lot’s of feedback with only 1 picture.

Edit: Oops I accidentally replied to the wrong person

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Try to play around water properties and try to make it blend in with the beach. Apart from that just play around with lighting. Looking good man.