How can I make this model be "playable"?

Hi guys!

So I’m trying to make this roomba become the player’s character instead of the usual one.

But I have no idea of how to. How could I rig something like this, if necessary? Do I place a rig, make it transparent and just rig it like normal? I really need some advice, hints or suggestions for this.

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Make sure every part is unanchored, weld them together, then put the model named StarterCharacter inside StarterPlayer, and it should change your model. For something like that, you wouldn’t need to rig it, since you cant really animate arms or legs for a roomba.

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I’m so sorry for replying this late but I’ve done this and it sends me an error saying:

  • Infinite yield possible on ‘Workspace.jefelocaso:WaitForChild(“Humanoid”)’
  • Infinite yield possible on ‘Workspace.jefelocaso:WaitForChild(“Torso”)’
    While the camera stays still at one point and I can’t move neither the model nor the camera