How can I optimize this?

So I have been thinking lately I wanted to make one of my games more than just one device(Desktop)
do I have to make whole other lines of code for every type of device or is there a way to make this cleaner and optimize

note: I’m kind of new to this kind of side of scripting well you are not just scripting for one platform
any help will be appreciated

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:watermelon: Hiya!

Simple answer: It all depends.

When you try to switch over to multiple devices, every aspect of your game comes into play. For your UI, yes you will need to work out a way to size everything to OffSet and try to make everything sized for all devices.

For things that require a screen tap, you MAY POSSIBLY need a small sort of scripting add-on or change to get it to mobile players.

Besides this, there should not be much work and many issues with doing this. My personal suggestion is using the studio Mobile View to test Ui and everything you can. The only issue that could pose a bigger issue is a simple but very very complicated one…“LAG”.

Lag will be much more easier to see on/in Potato PCs, phones. You really need to look into script lag and ways to decrease lag and enhance quality for mobile players.

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