How can I properly scale the contents in my scrolling GUI?

Hi there, I have a leaderboard gui, but the issue is, is that the contents don’t properly scale. I’ve tried adding aspect ratios, ui conversion to scale but nothing really works. When I emulate as 1920x1080p, the gui doesn’t scale properly and the contents move towards the left. I don’t know what else to do as I’ve got too many stuff to scale about.

What it looks un-emulated (what I want it to look like

What it looks like emulated as 1920x1080

Text can be really annoying to scale in cases like this, in my experience I’ve found that UITextConstraints can work well

Make the max text size all the same for each of them and they should look more uniform

Yeah i did this, except its an issue with the actual frame

If you want your GUI to have that exact size, you shouldn’t use scaling on the main GUI (but to remain using Offsets). The children objects in the GUI (like the team names) can use the scaling because it wouldn’t make much differences.
If you REALLY want to use scales for situations like mobile, you can use UISizeConstraint where you can set the limit how big the GUI can be.