How can I remove the interpolation in my animation?

I’m doing a glory kill, but when I do the last seconds of the animation the characters return to where they were before (interpolation / fadeTime)

and I don’t know how to remove it, that is removed with :Stop(0) but I want to play the whole animation. what I do is AnimationTrack.Stopped:Wait() which also waits for that animation transition to finish

What could I do to prevent that from happening?

Animations don’t move the humanoid root part . So probably make the HRP = torso CFrame at the end of the anim

My problem is not that I want it to be in the same place that I end up in the animation, I want it not to be the transition / interpolation . I want to the animation to stop instantly

something like this video:

In the video I use :Stop(0) but I want the full animation not to stop halfway

From the page for AnimationTrack:Play(), you can put 3 arguments into:Play(), the first is FadeTime, and second is Weight, which sets how animations blend. Try setting Weight to a higher number like 10, and FadeTime to 0.

:Play(0, 10)
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Thank you soooo muchhh!! tysmm

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