How can i replicate this ceiling

How can i replicate the effect in this image?

You can always use small neon parts placed on a gradient part.


but how do i space them out randomly?

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You could use particles on Blender to randomise the location of each light.

I cannot recall the specific steps to do this since I rarely work with particles, but I would suggest randomising their location and importing this as a mesh, where you can then change the material to neon.


Use Xaxa’s Brushtool: Brushtool 2.1 - Roblox

Set the neon part as one of your presets and then activate the brush. Click and drag to “paint”, or you can just spam click around with a low radius to place the points manually. You can adjust or randomize the rotation, spacing, and so on.


Theres’s always ParticleEmmiters and math.random.

I was going to say brushtool but I forgot the plugin name. :flushed: Our lord fourpapa solved the problem. :ok_hand:


Use the brush plugin, it allows you to rotate and place them randomly within a radius.

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