How can I reset the camera

So I have some code that stores the last known camera in replicated storage then I bring it back into workspace and set it as the current camera (locally ofc). This works if the player is using to default roblox camera (set up when you first join a roblox game) how ever if the player is in a car… when I set the camera back to the previous one it focus’ on the car. Am I able to set the camera’s properties to be exactly the same as the camera given to the player when they first join the game?

Here is my current script if that helps (Probably not, but here you go):

game.ReplicatedStorage.GameFunctions.NewCamera.OnClientEvent:Connect(function(PhyCam, Timer)
	local OriginalCam = workspace.CurrentCamera:Clone()
	OriginalCam.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage
	OriginalCam.Name = "PCam"

Take a read here! - You shouldn’t need to store their old camera or anything. There are many tutorials around on youtube on this.

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