How can I submit a level for Tower of Stress?

Hello! My name is Koala_Helper.

If you would like to submit a level for Tower of Stress, all you need to do is take this model, and insert it into your game, and please read the instructions, and you can build your level how ever you want as long as it is appropriate and follows our rules. We will be reviewing levels to make sure they follow our rules.
Here is the link to the official template:
And please submit it as a model onto the roblox website and name it something like ‘Tower of Stress Submission’ and we will search that in the toolbox just about once every other week!
By submitting a level, you will have a chance, not saying it will get into the game, you will have a chance for it to get into the game.
Please make sure to follow all of the rules listed in the model.