How can I tell if something is allowed?

Hey guys. I’m one of the owners for a World War 1 shooter game and many of our users are requesting mustard gas, now mustard gas is a war crime.
now on the Roblox Community Standards it says:
6 . Violent Content and Gore
Although some experiences on Roblox may include weapons and violence, we don’t allow content that contains extreme violence or serious physical or psychological abuse, including:

  • Animal abuse and torture
  • Realistic depictions of extreme Gore
  • The depiction, support, or glorification of war crimes or human rights violations, including torture


  • The depiction, support, or glorification of war crimes or human rights violations, including torture

While we don’t support of glorify it, we would be “depicting” it by having it in the game.
but on the other hand, another huge Roblox game Arsenal has gas grenades, with no trouble…

Do you think adding mustard gas would be something that Roblox would allow?
How can I make sure of that? is there anyone I can contact regarding this?
I tried DMing Developer Relations staff (probably not the best move) , but got no response in days…

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Unfortunately I doubt it, the examples you’ve listed are different because of the context of said element, as well as the connotation associated with Mustard gas. Additionally the use case would also be different, since Mustard gas allowed for mass, indiscriminate killing, where a gas grenade may appear as a more watered down variant. Either way I would advise against it due to the tragic nature of the invention.

Do you think that changing the name colour and some element of it would be allowed and still fall into its place? I’m not sure if it would still be allowed though

I have thought about that, but at the same time I think it would be a bit silly - as the rest of the game is rather historically accurate (for the most part) and it would also still be very borderline and risky

@V4_Ap3Dud3, Are you able to get this confirmed? I’m sure Gas is allowed, as seen it in many games via Front pages.

If you feel uncomfortable with adding the gas in-game you shouldn’t feel obligated to by others. It’s your choice, I would compare the possible consequences and reward of what could happen.

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speaking of arsenal, if that is a real roblox tos rule shouldnt arsenal be banned for the warcrimes announcer?

im not saying i want to get the game banned but how has that been kept for so long.

It all boils down to the context, in arsenal its just a gas grenade in a cartoony game
our game is actually somewhat historically accurate and is actually portraying a war that happened, so adding something called “Mustard Gas” would be portraying a war crime