How can I think like a programmar even since I learnd so much?


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I am sad. I learnd so much, and I have been programming so much, but it still does feel like I didnt understand anything. There is still so much, and even when I script something in math. I dont understand it to 100% I dont feel me right. I worked so much with tables but I dont have the feel of being good at it.

How can I think like a programmar?
How can I learn like a programmar?

When I look at scripts of somoene other I see a big difference of my. It looks so well made. And if you talk about modul script then it looks like I didnt understand anyhting.

I saw khan academy should I learn on it. There is many programming things?

The mentality of a programmer is actually relatively close to problem solving mentality. If you want to achieve a specific goal in scripting, in circumstances that your plans were realistic enough which otherwise should be simplified, you want to stage up a diagram, a mindmap, anything that can help visualizing. You may or may not skip a few steps to get to the main line of the concept, which means ignoring minor mistakes until it is finished. Mistakes actually helps learning.

Fortunately, scripting isn’t too much in the math, but depending on the project, it will still contain some math at least. Conceptualizing the ideas into code takes some time. It’s more imperative and assertive in nature.


If you mean you don’t understand how to solve the problem in logic, fast, elegant way, try to anchor all your knowledge by solving different fast problems. For example, you need to make a calculator. It’s a problm. You starting and imagine the logic of work, ways of creation etc. Every theme should be anchored this way. After some trainings you’ll understand the logic of scripts better. P.s, sorry for broken speech. I’m not english-speaking.

Its going to be so hard I will try everything :persevere:

How am I learning python, c++ and lua. First, the easiest and the most basic knowlede: types of data, variables, math operators, etc. Solving some problems using them. It’s really important because raw knowledge can’t provide you a real power of programming. For example, when I started to learn how to programming first, I had an idea of “How can arrays be used in games!?”. Maybe it wasn’t too hard to understand the sense, but using them in pracise was something like impossible, untill I started to learn in system: knowledge - problems, other more difficult knowledge - more difficult problems, etc. After some time of practise you’ll begin understand the logic of programming in total and difficult information, like module scrips, remote events, will be trivial.

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Btw, learning python is the best idea for beginners. This is one of the easiest lenguages to understand that I know. And it can teach how to structure your code, use logic and math in easy way.

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