How can i trigger something if a player clicks and does something at the same time

I’m gonna try my best to explain here. I’m trying to make an attack that is only performable when dashing, if the player clicks while dashing, they perform the attack. But I want to make a variation of this attack that is stronger, but can only be used if the player dashes and clicks almost the exact same time. For reference, I’m trying to make a thing similar to Kazuya’s EWGF in Tekken 7, but obviously more lenient. I already made the movement and dashes, but don’t know how I’d go about having the player be able to do a different move by clicking and dashing nearly at the same time. Any ideas?

You can store the time at which the player press dash in a variable or int value, then when they click check to see if the variable or the int value isnt nil, if it is nil they never dashed, if it isnt nil then check if current time - time the pressed dash is less than the required time to perfrom action. If it is then perform action. Would give you code but on my phone and dont feel like typing a long code on it