How can I turn the ship without making it tilt?

I have made a ship model and I am currently trying to make it turn without tilting.

As of now, I am using torque to turn the ship but it is not working so well.

I have tried using angular velocity but that didn’t work so well either.

Any help is appreciated!

if you use a BodyGyro along with the method in the gif it should stabilize the ship’s X and Z axis so it doesnt tilt, you can also play with the P property to make it more/less rigid of a force

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What values do I need to change to stabilize the ship?

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Can you give me an example? I am kinda stuck rn.

you change the 1st and 3rd value in the vector3, the 2nd one stays 0 cause that will prevent the ship from turning. As i said you may wanna turn up the P value to increase strength further

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Thanks for the clarification!!

You could use CFrame.Angle.

x.CFrame = x.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(math.rad(45),0,0)

Also, I like how the ship tilts when you turn it. Maybe you could keep this effect somehow, but I would definitely minimize the tilt-iness.