How can I update old slop game?

Recently a old game I made when I was just starting Roblox development has been rapidly increasing in players and has been thriving with the Roblox algorithm. However, one Issue i see is I have no idea how to update the game. Its one of those old free model slop games, but with the gimmick of being able to become a killer. I’ve thought of having to pay for becoming the killer after some uses, but I have to idea if that would work. Really what I want to do is profit more of this game, and make it a bit more polished. So could you guys below please suggest some ideas to add more life to this dead game, like any new features or fixes? I know the game is pretty bad lol.

Slop game

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Okay but how did this actually blow up??

I honestly don’t think there’s anything more you can add. You’ve honestly done a pretty banger job adding as much gears and hat morphs to keep kids hooked :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

How could i make it blow up more