How can I use HTTPService to get a string from my own domain?

Hello! I recently got a domain ( for my photography and blog, and I added on it. I am wondering how I can use HttpService:GetAsync(...) to get a string from this sub-domain. If you know how to do this, please let me know.

If you need the domain provider, I am using Google Domains.

Thanks in advance! WE

I don’t know how to do it but your not really supposed to use offsite links on roblox that aren’t a social link so you might be banned. Also, we all know your real name now.

You can do this for HttpService though.

I dont really care tbh.

That’s allowed? How do I use it?

Ok, but be careful…

Are you talking about parsing an html page or just post request in general which returns a response?

Im talking about returning strings (for example doing
local String = HttpService:GetAsync(""). I have nothing set up here, and if I were to reveal what the tags were, it returns this 404:

I am not interested in getting Html, just getting a response.

You can try to make a simple API on your server-end. It should work with httpget function well.

Use either GetAsync or RequestAsync, the server must return plain text as the body (also means you can do JSON, albeit you need to use JSONDecode to turn one into a table)

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How can I make this return plain text?

How would I make this API? I just know how to use Get and Post a sync.

Make a page on the subdomain named index.php then use the PHP documentation to write code and return the data via echo

Of course, you could use any other server side language, just used PHP as an example.

You need to host a server on that domain. There are many hosting services available.

You can even host it yourself if you have an always-on computer you want to use as a server.

AWS, Heroku, GitHub Pages, Google Cloud, etc. are all examples of hosting providers. This is different from Google Domains, which really just provides a URL. Hosting providers run the code that responds to that URL.

Once you are running your server somewhere, attach your domain name to it. The specifics of this depend on your specific host.

Hopefully that gives you something to google. The last time I answered a question like this the mods closed it for being off-topic, so you might wanna go look at things like stackoverflow instead of this forum.

Anyways here’s that old answer, which talks about how to host a local server with NodeJS (which I think is more accessible that PHP personally :slight_smile: ):

That’ll get a server running locally, but it won’t host it to the world or use your domain name yet. But it might be a good starting point.

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