How can you open up an animation?

I have this death animation I found in some NPC model. But it’s got an issue I think, because at the end of the death animation it seems to reset to T-pose or the first keyframe.

I’m pretty sure it’s the animation, cause after animating in a death like animation he stands up straight. So I’m guessing somewhere near the end it’s resetting to the first keyframes. I’d like to remove these if possible?

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  1. Install BTRoblox
  2. Copy the asset ID from the animation and edit it in the following link (replace 0):
  3. Download the animation (if you installed the extension there should be a download button above the “Get” button)
  4. Open explorer and drag the downloaded animation into the studio
  5. Parent the new Instance in a rig that supports the animation (such as the NPC)
  6. Open the animation editor and export the animation as yours.

You need to do this if the animation isn’t created by Roblox.


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